Art Teller Machine Tour: 

angels of our better nature

What is the nature of caring and being cared for? What brings out the best in us?

Kickstart Arts’ artists worked with people with acquired brain injuries to explore the dynamics of care in their lives through digital storytelling. They also designed a unique delivery system for the digital art.


Thought provoking, sometimes heart wrenching, digital art works are presented in the Art Teller Machine – a 2.1 metre tall aluminium head that is touring foyers in Tasmania, reaching thousands of audience members.


Art Teller Machine Tour

The Art Teller Machine is a 2.2 metre tall steel plated head full of amazing stories of love, care and extraordinary relationship. It invites you to look into its eyes, listen to its ears, and read what comes from its mouth.

This wonderful and unusual sculptural object designed collaboratively by participants and a designer is a unique wandering interactive exhibition that presents these digital artworks in public spaces.

Right now it is screening digital artworks about acquired brain injury and touring through Tasmania’s regional libraries.

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