save the tassie devil street art project

Tasmania's first ever art-based Work for the Dole program.
Using art as a medium for social change, we are currently producing a large scale street artwork on a 30 metre wide wall at a Hobart CBD car park that highlights the plight of Tasmanian Devils on our roads.
The devastating Facial Tumour Disease is threatening the wild population of Devils, and a captive breeding program was instigated to preserve healthy Devils. Over 40% of released healthy Devils have been killed on our roads. This is unsustainable, and without driver commitment to slow down by at least 20 kph on designated kill hot spots, these numbers will escalate as population numbers increase.
We chose a car park as a site for the artwork because thousands of drivers will pass the painting depicting beautiful Tasmanian flora and the Devil, and we are asking them directly to consider their role in preserving this amazing animal. Project director Caroline Amos is working with experienced street artist and muralist Jamin to create the artwork with 25 people who are currently seeking employment.
The street artwork has an interactive digital element featuring animation, projection & sound art created by participants led by artists Matt Daniels, Matthew Fargher and Cary Littleford. 
This enables people to trigger images and sounds by accessing an online controller on their smart phones, and there will be touch sensitive interactive paint on walls and pillars that triggers images on different surfaces around the mural site.  We’ve used VJ tools and different methods of triggering video and sound in order to make the mural come alive and add a compelling dimension, asking people to help shape the environment they live in by slowing down and spending just 2 minutes to help save a species.
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