Breadmaking Basics

with Julien Scheffer


10AM - 4PM

$88 / $66

Learn how easy it is to make deliciously fresh bread, and continue baking bread at home indefinitely. 

The session is very hands-on.  The number of participants is limited to 6 so that each attendee will be able to learn the full process of making a loaf of bread from scratch (and take an own-baked loaf home to enjoy). 

The day will include the following steps:

  1. Mix and knead dough by hand

  2. Handle and shape the dough

  3. Create the right conditions for the dough to rise

  4. Prepare the dough for baking (shaping, proving, scoring)

  5. Bake and look after you homemade bread


  • One delicious loaf of own-made bread

  • Practical skills and knowledge to continue making bread at home

  • Printed notes covering the process

  • The satisfaction of having crafted your own loaf, and the option to share it with others


  • Apron or clothes you don't mind getting dirty - short sleeves is best.

  • A notebook and pen if you want to take notes



Julien is a self-taught home baker who has been making bread weekly for family and friends for about two years. 

"I thoroughly enjoy the process of making each loaf and love exploring all kinds of bread, from seeded sourdough and buckwheat rustic (my favourites) to French classics (Boule, Batard, Baguette) and Turkish flatbread."


I am also an artist and teacher, and I am passionate about helping other people make things.


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