Body Percussion Masterclass

with Chaika


12PM - 4PM

$49 / $37

Get creative: think outside the box with body-percussive rhythms!

Led by master percussionist Rendra Freestone and members of ARIA nominated Chaika, this workshop with get you moving, connecting and grooving in poly-rhythms you never thought possible! 


Also learn to identify and groove in various odd time signatures and rhythms inspired by the Balkan regions and see how Chaika use them in their original music.


From the simple to the complex, it will put a smile on your dial and a groove in your step.


  • Lots of great tools to improve your overall rhythm co-ordination

  • Simple exercises as well as challenging ones to take home and keep you beat-making.

  • You'll know what 5/8, 7/8, 9/8, 11/8 and 13/8 means, as well as how to structure cool grooves simply using counting, words, sometime simple symbols and your body.

  • As this is a very collaborative class you will also take home some new connections with likeminded folk


  • A notebook and pen

  • A device to record videos of certain rhythms and/or exercises


Please book via the ticketing system below so that we know you are coming.



ARIA nominated ensemble melding the earthiness of folk with the dexterity of jazz and craft of classical, Chaika’s vast influences create superb genre-blending vocal and instrumental music that transcends labels.

“Like a gust of wind ushering in a new season of possibilities” (What’s on Sydney) they are steadily forging a new direction in Australian music.

Chaika comprises some of Australia’s most sought after musicians: Susie Bishop (violin, guitar, vocals), Laura Altman (clarinet, vocals), Emily-Rose Sarkova (accordion, piano, vocals), Laura Bishop (percussion, piano, accordion, vocals), Johan Delin (double bass, vocals) and Rendra Freestone (percussion, guitar, vocals).


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