Art-Making + Mindfulness

with Anna De Little

Leave your rational mind behind, and allow the subconscious to do the creating; how to embrace the happy accidents and the sensory qualities of art materials in the creative process.



28TH MAY, 4TH,


6.30PM - 8.30PM

$140 / $105

Over four 2-hour sessions you will get to play with a variety of art mediums and explore spontaneous techniques that blend structure with chance; this is a rare and exciting opportunity to develop new forms of self-expression, through engaging your imagination and embracing the unknown!


You will learn about creativity in the brain and mindfulness practices to stimulate the imagination. Activities will be designed to facilitate a creative 'flow-state' where the art-making process is freed of rational control. This can allow chances to reveal unexpected results, and the subconscious to reveal unexpected meanings. Most of all, these sessions will provide a play-space to experiment and enjoy the sensory qualities of art-making. Materials explored will include pastel, charcoal, collage, watercolour paint, acrylic paint, assemblage, clay.


Everything will be provided.


  • A repertoire of spontaneous art-making activities to tap into your creativity

  • Techniques for working with each art material to bring more chance elements into your creations

  • Knowledge of creativity and neuropsychology

  • A knowledge of how to discover and trust the presence of subconscious elements in art making

  • Guided visualisations to hone your imagination

  • Some of your own experimental drawings and artful expressions from the course



  • An apron, or clothing you don't mind getting dirty

  • Pen and notepad to take notes



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In the case of the session selling out, email creativeexchange@kickstart.org.au to go on the wait list. 



Anna de Little is a registered art therapist who is fascinated by creativity and neuropsychology. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Psychology (University of Tasmania) and a Masters of Art Therapy (La Trobe University, VIC)


With over 8 years experience working as a creative arts therapist with adults and youth, both individually and in groups, Anna has facilitated many creative experiences within diverse settings such as expos, alternative health clinics, museums, retreats, universities, and community organisations.


Anna's passion is helping people find exciting new forms of self-expression through engaging the imagination, and embracing the unknown in the creative process. In this way, space is made for the subconscious to infuse the art-making with vitality and symbolic meaning.


Anna's website is: https://www.artmindflow.com/


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