Dark Arts Photography and Darkroom

with Steve Lovegrove

Workshops covering various photography techniques, including digital, analogue, film processing, cyanotype, wet plate collodian, and more. 

Steve Lovegrove is a fine arts photographer, working with historical and analogue photography techniques.  His key focus is 19th century photographic techniques including wet plate collodion, Cyanotype printing, pinhole photography, lumen printing and chemigrams.


Steve completed a Certificate in Photography at Elizabeth Community College, South Australia in 1977 and a further Diploma of Photo Imaging with the Tasmanian Polytechnic in 2012, receiving multiple awards from the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP). 


For nearly 40 years photography as been Steve's full time profession and passion. Having come full circle, learning his craft in the film era and adopting digital technology as a necessary evolution as a commercial photographer, he is now investigating the earliest possible photographic techniques within his arts practice

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