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Dark Arts Photography and Darkroom

with Steve Lovegrove

Workshops covering various photography techniques, including digital, analogue, film processing, cyanotype, wet plate collodian, and more. 

Steve Lovegrove is a photographic artist who works with historical and analogue photography techniques.  His key focus is 19th century photographic techniques predominantly wet plate collodion, but also cyanotype, pinhole photography, solargraphy, lumen prints and chemigrams.

For nearly 40 years photography has been Steve's full time profession and passion.  Having learned his craft in the film era, adopting digital technology as a necessary evolution as a commercial photographer, he has now, as an artist come full circle.  Investigating the earliest photographic techniques, while also experimenting with ways to take these traditional processes to new places, creatively and photographically.

Dark Arts Photography is Tasmania’s only community access darkroom and also a hub for analog and alternative photography practice and education, within the Kickstart Arts precinct in New Town.

My goal is build on my existing skills as an educator in the area of analog, alternative and historical photographic processes, to encourage and mentor anyone who wants to pursue these areas of photography, share my passion for photography and push the boundaries of what photography is and can be.

Please direct all enquiries to: steve.lovegrove@me.com