Down to Earth Buddhism

with Hobart Buddhist Meditation Centre


6.30PM to 8PM


An introduction to Mahayana Buddhism theory and practice.

This program will introduce participants to the fundamentals of Tibetan Buddhism.  We will explore the steps Shakyamuni Buddha – an ordinary person, who himself experienced confusion, anxiety, fear, pain and uncertainty – took to attain enlightenment 2,500 years ago.  


Sessions include setting a positive intention, simple guided meditation practice, and a presentation and discussion about an aspect of the Buddha’s teachings and how to apply this information to everyday life. 


You can attend sessions in person or by Zoom.

If you wish to attend in person, please be reassured that our venue is wheelchair accessible. 


Sessions are free, however participants are encouraged to make a donation toward Hobart Buddhist Meditation Centre’s ongoing running costs.  Information on how to make a donation can be found here.  

Please use the reference "Tuesday Session" in your bank transfer. 


  • An introduction and explanation of some of the basic teachings of the Buddha.  

  • An opportunity to learn and practice mindfulness and other meditations.  

  • A supportive environment to discuss and ask questions about Buddhist teachings and practice. 


  • Your curiosity, interest and intention to find out or learn more about Buddhism.  

  • A cushion or two if you wish to meditate in a traditional cross-legged posture.  

  • Meditating while sitting on a chair or lying on the floor is also fine if this is more comfortable for you.  


Got a question?  Please contact info@tashicholing.net

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Sessions will be presented by experienced students from Hobart Buddhist Meditation Centre who have studied and practiced the Buddhist path for many years.  


Hobart Buddhist Meditation Centre is part of Tashi Choling Dharma Foundation Inc. (TCDF), a non-profit incorporated association based in Tasmania, Australia.  It aims to ensure continuity of the study and practice of Buddhist teachings through providing teachers, courses and facilities, to foster open communication amongst all spiritual traditions, and to bring benefit to others through providing opportunities for the development of wisdom and compassion.

The Spiritual Director of TCDF is the Venerable Zasep Tulku Rinpoche