Harvest Baskets

with Gwen Egg

Create a useful basket using materials gathered from the garden.


10AM - 4PM

$121 / $91

Learn first hand what is the best to collect and when to be collecting materials for basket weaving; you'll have a go at collecting your own materials, bring them to the class and be guided by a local expert to weave them into a beautiful harvest basket.

You'll get lots of ideas and inspiration, and get to explore many variations of a very useful and versatile approach to making strong baskets with ease. Some materials will be provided. 


  • A beautiful and useful framed basket woven by you!

  • Lots of ideas and inspiration for weaving more baskets at home

  • You'll understand what the best materials are, and when to collect them

  • You will discover how framed baskets can be varied to suit different uses



  • Collect whenever the garden beckons: Long prunings of vines such as Grape, Wisteria, Clematis, Jasmine. Roll these into rough hoops and allow to dry or become leathery. Re-soak these for 24 hours before the workshop.

  • Collect the long leaves of Iris, Watsonia and Red Hot Poker as they dry off in the garden. These can be rolled in a damp towel to soften ready for the workshop.

  • Bring any other materials that you think may be useful or interesting

  • Strong scissors, secateurs or snips

  • Old towels for wetting and wiping



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Gwen Egg is a fibre artist who is best known for teaching basket weaving with natural materials.


Gwen is interested in the ecologies and cultures that inform the materials and techniques used in the weaving. She enjoys the process of making which stimulates her thinking - as do the people she meets through her involvement in community arts and teaching.


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