Kickstart Community Garden

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Growing food is an important skill for now and the future.  

We are thrilled to welcome experienced food growers including the legendary David Stephens who brings years of expertise in community gardens to help us establish a space where people of all ages can learn to grow food at home.  

Plots are currently available.  Please get in touch. 

We pay our respects to the traditional owners of the land the muwinina people and  their elders past present & emerging.

Kickstart Community Garden

The Evidence

With climate breakdown threatening our agricultural systems and the availability and price of fresh food making it more difficult for many people to access, it’s never been a better time to develop gardening skills.


We are supporting initiatives that are helping not only to feed people in order to promote better health, but to help mitigate the effects of climate breakdown.

Analysis and Policy Observatory (AUS)

Website: Localising Food Production: Urban Agriculture in Australia

University of Sheffield (UK) 

Website: Urban land could grow fruit and vegetables for 15 per cent of the population (NLD)

Website: Pandemic reveals the importance of growing your own food

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (USA)

Website: The Nutrition Source - Vegetables and Fruits

Network Weaving

A few examples of local programs that might suit you.

Health Food Access Tasmania (HFAT) is a multi-dimensional food security initiative aimed at supporting projects that make healthy food choices easy, through building local solutions which increase access to fruit and vegetables (preferably locally grown) within communities across Tasmania.  Eat Well Tasmania is one such initiative.

Website: Eat Well Tasmania

West Moonah Community House has a community garden located on the corner of Winbourne and Springfield Ave West Moonah.  It is a perfect place for members to gather and enjoy gardening activities. 

Website: West Moonah Community Garden

Gardening Australia (ABC iView): Tino Carnevale visits South Hobart Community Garden to see how they are sharing their knowledge and space to feed dozens of families. 

Website: Series 29 Episode 25 - Growing a Community

Urban Farming Tasmania: Grow a garden, build community, share the excess, save seeds & feed the future. 

Website: Urban Farming Tasmania

Good Life Permaculture: landscape design to help you live the good life.

Website: Good Life Permaculture