Life Long Learning

Kickstart Arts ask the community what they want to learn, and what they’d like to teach. 

This results in three seasonal programs each year featuring dozens of one off workshops in everything.  
We offer workshops in a vast array of skills and knowledge including; visual arts, performing arts, digital arts, traditional and contemporary arts and crafts, health and wellbeing activities (such as yoga and meditation),  lots of different food related subjects, domestic arts and crafts, many different life skills, philosophy, history, and the list goes on - check out the Kickstart Arts Workshop Program page for the full list. 
Dare to draw art workshop at Kickstart Arts

Kickstart Arts Workshop Program


Workshops in everything at the Kickstart Arts Centre.


The Kickstart Arts Workshop Program supports people to learn or teach something they are interested in.  We consider all offers - so suggest something you'd like to learn or teach and there is a good chance we can make it happen! 

Facilitators or teachers don’t need loads of experience, but we do make sure to do rigorous safety and reference checks. 

The Evidence

Taking part in organised teaching and learning is positive in so many ways. Hopefully we never stop learning.

We asked the community what they wanted to teach and what they wanted to learn. We recognise the skills, wisdom and knowledge already out there in our community, so we created a Kickstart Arts Workshop Program to share them more widely.

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Network Weaving

A few examples of local programs that might suit you.

TasTAFE is the largest public provider of vocational education and training in Tasmania. 

Website: TasTAFE

University of the Third Age (U3A) - Hobart is a self-funded organisation, run entirely by volunteers, that provides courses for its members in a wide range of subjects including the humanities, social sciences, sciences, languages, art and music.

Website: U3A Hobart

Libraries Tasmania (TAS) - Adult Education: Offers a range of courses designed to suit the needs and interests of adult learners in Tasmania. Courses are offered in leisure and lifestyle activities, as well as courses to learn new skills for employment, personal development or general life skills.

Website: Adult Education

The Colour Circle is a community association that supports and encourages local adult artists, beginners and experienced, by conducting classes with experienced tutors who are professional Tasmanian artists.. 

Website: The Colour Circle

Teros is a shop in Hobart selling healthy, green and fair-trade products. They also provide practical classes throughout the year covering skills like fermenting, cheesemaking, brewing, raw chocolate and even bee keeping.

Website: Teros Classes 

Laneway Learning runs cheap, fun classes in anything and everything in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Singapore and Auckland

Website: Laneway Learning

Work-Shop provides affordable short courses in life skills and alternative art in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne

Website: Work-Shop Classes