Kickstart projects can supply the motivation for learning and provide alternative routes to engagement in the development of literacy for people of all ages.


We operate in the belief that there are multiple forms of literacy and that if we can make learning to read, tell stories, share ideas, make images, films and sound recordings lots of fun then learners can usually master the skills more readily. 

Cygnet Happiness Project animation being created.

The Happiness Project in Cygnet.

Creating a story is a great way of learning how to read one.

We worked with a very mixed ability grade 6 group once a week for most of the year. Professional artists found ways to engage students through supported personal storytelling.  They made short films about the things that inspire them, and designed and constructed "story maps" of their town; models made from cardboard, wood, paint and paper; showing their own houses and hangouts and then used this model as a set for animations that they wrote and produced themselves.

Telling personal stories of the places, people and events that were meaningful for them was very effective in supplying the "why?" in literacy learning - the motivation to make and share meaning through spoken and written words, images, narrative sequences and three dimensional artefacts.

New Art In Libraries (NAIL IT)

A partnership with Glenorchy Library. 

This project was very successful engaging young people with books, stories and digital expression.

Digital art and music project inviting young people and parents to use books from the library for character inspiration.  These characters were then used in cut out animations, creating new stories complete with song lyrics and music. 

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