Make your own Jewellery and Accessories

with Deb and Helen

Create beautiful jewellery and unique accessories from sustainably sourced materials.



10AM - 1PM

$159 / $119

Have you ever thought of making fabulously arty necklaces with recycled bicycle tyres?

What about using tiny scrap bits of fabric, cotton and wool to make beads?

You can even make beautiful flower brooches from jeans and intricate necklace cords from leftover yarn and textiles. The possibilities are endless!

This 3-week course is presented by two passionate local artists who have come up with a myriad of ways to create beautiful, unique wearable pieces of art from sustainably sourced materials such as: fabric off cuts, recycled clothes, random pieces of rubbish (soda can ring pulls, plastic straws, fishing line, bicycle inner tubes, nuts, bolts, electrical wire...).


Each week you will have a go at experimenting and creating your own unique items to incorporate into one finished piece of wearable art.  No experience necessary. 


Week 1: Beads and adornments
Week 2: Cords and necklaces
Week 3: Integration of elements into one piece



  • Printed notes of the processes covered

  • Lots of 1:1 support to make the wearable item of your choice

  • Lots of practical tips and tricks for making more items at home

  • Heaps of inspiration on how to incorporate almost any object into a design

  • One beautiful and unique jewellery or accessory you can wear and be proud of


  • An idea of what you might like to make: necklace, brooch, bracelet, or other.

  • Feel free to bring special fabric off-cuts, yarns, buttons, beads, fasteners, found objects or treasures you might like to incorporate into your design (an assortment of materials will be provided)


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Deb and Helen are creatives with a passion for repurposing and using recycled materials.  Their journey begins with experimenting with recycled plastics, fusing, sewing, crocheting, weaving and jewellery making, and also exploring colour and texture through mono-printing using common household objects to provide textures and resists.


With this love and a desire to share creative skills with others, Deb and Helen formed ReCreate to facilitate creativity workshops.  Their sole aim is to encourage people to push outside their comfort zones, feel confident in experimenting and exploring, and to embrace the notion that “failure” is simply an opportunity to create something unique and brand new. . 


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