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An Ark

As we head closer to the tipping point of irrevocable and immutable Climate Breakdown, the science is telling us that we can expect mass extinction events, more severe weather such as hurricanes, cyclones, floods, droughts and bushfires. The beginnings of this are already being experienced. We believe that it is time for some radical acceptance. We need to front up to the fact that the change is here and we need to get serious about organising new systems of relationship to each other and to the land, that sustain life.

Two 'Work for the Dole' participants help Marcus Tatton with his large scale permanent sculpture

We need to learn new skills. Many of the skills have been around for a very long time – some will be a case of” back to the future” learning from our ancestors and indigenous people, and some will be the product of new and emerging technologies.

And we need to also develop our capacities to cope and to manage the change internally and as a society. We can learn these skills from the great philosophical traditions and social sciences. The knowledge is all there – it is a matter of making it available, accessible and a priority.

St Johns Creative Living P(Ark) is a Kickstart Arts Project to provide a place, think of it as an ark, where we can connect, share, learn and work constructively on gaining skills and developing social solutions to wicked problems - such as sustainable energy, food security, drug and alcohol addiction, engagement in education, loneliness, and more. It is a place where we can engage in joyful practice, developing antidotes and new modes of operation.

The final touches are attached to the sculpture

Arts and cultural engagement are central in this because they not only challenge, move and inspire us to think, feel and see things in new and evolving ways, but because they spark joy.

Joy breeds compassion, compassion leads to kindness, kindness leads to sharing, sharing leads to collaboration, collaboration leads to adaptability, and adaptability leads to sustainability, and now we need to think about it in new terms – not just sustainability – but regeneration and survival.

Video credit: Richard Bladel

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