Safe Community Spaces

Hazara woment painting mural pic by Caroline Amos

St John’s Creative Living Park has a number of different venues available for diverse community cultural events.


We also support community organisations and groups to host events, ceremonies and classes through discounts and practical production advice where required.

Jami and Oromo women selfie pic by Jami Bladel
Guru Bhumtsok 2017 pic by Chagtong Chentong

Guru Bhumtsok: 2017 & 2018


This Tibetan Buddhist Puja or ceremony was an internationally significant event that involved people making 100,000 offerings for world peace. 


It was held at Kickstart Arts two years running and was led by Geshe Tenzin Zopa. The 2018 event featured teachings by Lama Zopa, founder of Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition. This event aims to cultivate loving kindness as an aid to achieving world peace.

Shi’a community classes and prayer

Afghan Shia Community Pop up mosque

Hobarts Shi’a community conduct spiritual practice and language classes at the Kickstart Arts Centre.

Hazara circle in Living Room by Caroline Amos

Garden of Spring Cultural Event

A number of Afghan communities celebrated with music and food at the Kickstart Arts Centre. 

This event was wildly popular and featured Afghan musicians, dancing and food.

two women dance at Garden of Spring event

The Kickstart Arts Centre is reopening according to government COVID-19 guidelines.

All advertised events and activities are subject to these guidelines and may be cancelled at any time.

Please Contact Us for more info or check our Facebook Page for current information.

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