Safe Community Spaces

Hazara woment painting mural pic by Caroline Amos

Kickstart Arts has a number of different venues available for diverse community cultural events.

We also support community organisations and groups to host events, ceremonies and classes through discounts and practical production advice where required.

Jami and Oromo women selfie pic by Jami Bladel

Shi’a community classes and prayer

Hobarts Shi’a community conduct spiritual practice and language classes at the Kickstart Arts Centre.

Afghan Shia Community Pop up mosque
Hazara circle in Living Room by Caroline Amos

Garden of Spring Cultural Event

A number of Afghan communities celebrated with music and food at the Kickstart Arts Centre. 

This event was wildly popular and featured Afghan musicians, dancing and food.

two women dance at Garden of Spring event

The Evidence

Kickstart Arts is consciously creating and sharing safe friendly public spaces for everyone to gather, conduct cultural and social practices and to celebrate their connections. 

Cultural Connections for Learning (AUS)

Website: Cultural Safety

Joseph Rowntree Foundation (UK) 

PDF: The social value of public spaces

TheConversation.Com (USA)

Website: Putting the pieces together to create safe public spaces for all

Jason's Connection (USA)

Website: How to Create a Safe Space for Those with Disabilities

Network Weaving

A few examples of local programs that might suit you.

Multicultural Council of Tasmania (MCoT) is the perfect space for community events, meetings and workshops.

Website: MCoT - Hiring the Hub

Migrant Resource Centre Tasmania (MRC Tas) provides targeted and meaningful services to meet the needs of migrants, humanitarian entrants and refugees living in Tasmania.

Website: MRC Tas

Moonah Arts Centre (MAC) is a regional focus for arts and cultural development in Glenorchy City and across southern Tasmania.

Website: Moonah Arts Centre Spaces

The Youth Arts & Recreation Centre is a creative, exciting, safe and engaging space for all young people aged 12 – 25.

Website: Youth Arts and Recreations Centre