School Partnerships

Kickstart Arts works with schools to co-design arts projects that enhance the school curriculum and engage young people in fun, challenging and relevant creative journeys. 

Professional artists work across a range of disciplines such as video, electronic music, digital arts, sculpture, installations, visual and performing arts.  

The work is often theme based and students explore socially relevant topics, working collaboratively towards public outcomes where the artworks are shared with the broader community.

Filming kids pic by Jami Bladel

The Remembering the Future Project

Students explored the past, the environment, waste, technology and philosophy.

A very successful project which encouraged students, staff and parents to explore the kinds of skills and values that would best equip them for an uncertain climate challenged future.


Young people made conducted research, thought experiments, made junk sculptures and short films and exhibited their work to the public to great acclaim.

Happiness Flinders Island improvisation exercise

The Happiness Project: Flinders Island

Kickstart Arts offered a chance for young people and parents to explore the world of feelings, psychology, ideas and philosophy by telling stories of the things they really value.

Young people were able to think about their lives in the new way by making films about their own relationships, place in the world and experience – the things that make meaning for them. These films were screened for the rest of the community to enjoy, the screenings are a really uplifting experience.

The Evidence

Our project-based learning-centric arts projects that invite young people to explore contemporary issues and ideas within their art making can provide a really positive addition to the school curriculum.

We can work with schools to design the project from the ground up so that these activities can achieve the desired outcomes. We often work with disengaged students to help them discover their love of learning. 

Arts Victoria (AUS)

PDF: Partnerships Between Schools and the Professional Arts Sector: Evaluation of Impact on Student Outcomes

Science Direct (USA): Full Length Article (ESP)

Website: Project-based learning through the incorporation of digital technologies: An evaluation based on the experience of serving teachers

Unitec Institute of Technology (NZ)

PDF: Bringing schools to life through a co-design learning approach with children

Schoology Exchange (USA)

Website: Project-Based Learning - Benefits, Examples, and Resources

Brookings Institute (USA)

Website: New evidence of the benefits of arts education

Network Weaving

A few examples of local programs that might suit you.

Tasmanian Government Education Department - Artists in Schools Program intended to support arts projects beyond the expertise of regular school staff. One important criterion to be addressed in the application is a professional learning component for staff so that the project is likely to be of ongoing benefit.

 Website: Adult Education - Artists in Schools 

Arts Tasmania - Education Residencies Program provides an opportunity for Tasmanian artists to focus on their practice in an educational environment working alongside teachers and students. Residencies build young people’s capacity to engage with the arts whilst enhancing student social health and well-being, and allowing artists to inspire, re-connect or introduce teachers to new ideas and approaches.

Website: Arts Tasmania - Education Residencies Program

A local artist, writer, poet and performer: Andy Vagg.  Has spent a lot of time working with students in schools.

Website: Andy Vagg

All That We Are: Connection through Creativity - Victoria and Simon gather artists and others through Learning Exchanges that are co-designed in a democratic approach to program development that builds the capacity and feeds the ecology of arts in Tasmania and beyond. 

Website: All That We Are

Terrapin Puppet Theatre. Inspired by a deep connection to the most imaginative and fantastic of artforms, an experience with Terrapin reminds us all that our ability to create something extraordinary is always with us, wherever we are. 

Website: Terrapin Puppet Theatre