The Golden Room

Feeling well is a state of mind & body.

We offer a range of ongoing classes in physical disciplines such as Yoga and Pilates – created according to demand – in a warm comfortable purpose designed space.


There are opportunities to learn to meditate and to attend spiritual and philosophical teachings, discussions and creative sharing.

The Golden Room at Kickstart Arts
Lunchtime Yoga at the Kickstart Arts Centre

The Five Elements of

Healing Mandala Project


Working, meditating and discussing together was a very healing process for everybody involved.

This 4-day masterclass was led by expert teacher Andy Weber.

He taught people how to paint the mandala but also explained its origins, meaning, context, taught meditation and the philosophy relating to the image.


The Evidence

Staying healthy physically, emotionally and mentally is something we all need to work at, especially as we get older.


Our lifestyle can be stressful and is often dictated by the demands of work or of not having work. We are developing a series of programs to support health and wellbeing, and hope to add more choices in the near future.

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Website: Increased well-being: Another reason to try yoga

AAMI Insurance

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Network Weaving

A few examples of local programs that might suit you.

​​The Fourth Floor (HOBART): A community based, grassroots, creative space for Yoga, Movement, Mindfulness & Massage; an invitation for exploring freedom of expression, a space for sharing knowledge and growing wisdom, and for cultivating joy and balance in our lives.

Website: The Fourth Floor

Mana Movement Studio (HOBART): Home of movement, wellness and education in Tasmania.

Website: Mana Movement Studio

The Yoga Loft (LAUNCESTON) offers a range of yoga styles located in a beautiful, warm and welcoming studio in the centre of town.  Yoga Loft prides itself on being an inclusive and supportive space where everybody is encouraged in their practice and valued as part of a healthy and compassionate community. 

Website: The Yoga Loft

Andy Weber melds art and philosophy and healing.

Website: Andy Weber Studios

Happy Ground Wellbeing: Wellbeing and happiness programs for businesses & individuals, helping you find happiness at work and home.

Website: Happy Ground Wellbeing