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St John's Park is the name given to a large site in New Town containing St John's Anglican church and a range of health and welfare services. Historically the site was home to the Orphan Schools where boys and girls from poor families and stolen Aboriginal children were held in harsh and overcrowded conditions between 1833 and 1879. The orphanages were part of the convict system in Tasmania which saw high mortality rates and much suffering in the form of poverty, sickness, trauma, family breakdown and stigma.

From 1879 until the mid 1920’s the original Orphan School operated as the New Town Charitable Institution, mostly catering to elderly poor men, a great many of whom had grown up in the orphanages. Historically St John’s Park has been the site of many, often harmful public policies and failed attempts at supporting the health and wellbeing of families and the broader community. Today however, it operates as a multi-service health precinct offering a range of health and welfare services and opportunities for positive pathways and community engagement.

Heritage Building Repair

Stage One saw the development of four new creative spaces at Kickstart Arts.

1831 North: Art Room - a space for art-making workshops.

1831 North: Dance Studio - a dance space for the Drill Performance Youth Dance Company

1831 North: Rehearsal Studio - for small or large groups.

1831 North: The Hidden Theatre - Hobart’s newest intimate theatre!

Stage Two will see the creation of six new artist studios in 1831 North.

Further funds are needed to continue the work.

If you would like to assist or donate to this project, please support us here.

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