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SHAPE SHIFTERS highlights practices that navigate shapes as a rhizomatic pattern which allows for multiple, non-hierarchical entry and exit points in art representation and interpretation.

It is a manifesto to the power, freedom and humour to be harnessed in creative self-expression.

Curators Julia Drouhin and Maria Blackwell have been working through Mosaic Support Services for the past year with this group of artists living with disability to present Shape Shifters.

SHAPE SHIFTERS will premiere on November 2022 at Rosny Schoolhouse Gallery.

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Josh Madgwick

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Stefan Albrecht

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Glenn Warland

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Our Board can be up to eleven volunteer Directors who have high level expertise in relevant fields. 

Board members are involved in subcommittees offering advice, governance, networks and hands on work providing pro-bono services to benefit and develop the organisation.



  • Determine the organisation's mission and purpose

  • Select the chief executive 

  • Provide proper financial oversight 

  • Ensure adequate resources 

  • Ensure legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability

  • Ensure effective organisational planning 

  • Recruit and orient new board members and assess board performance 

  • Enhance the organisation's public standing

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Current Board Members

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Treasurer - Christine Bell

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Director - Rhonda McLaughlin

Director - Andy Vagg


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