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The Walkout Step

A Site-Specific Public Artwork at the front door of the
former Queens Orphan School for Boys
now called The Kickstart Network Centre (North)

by Cheryl Mundy with Marcus Tatton, 2022
Commissioned by Kickstart Network
Cheryl Richard & Marcus.jpg

Rusted corten steel, Luci Clear resin, found materials

ya karati (hello friends)
Cheryl Mundy tremanya mina (I am Cheryl Mundy echidna)
mina kani nina latu takila (I talk with you from a warm heart.)

I am a pakana singer, songwriter, cultural educator and activist.  The Walk Out Step is my first public artwork.  It physically connects to the Boys Orphanage. That building now resonates with vibrant energy and creative freedom. It was not always so.  

Uncle Adam was taken from my great great great Grand parents when he was seven and incarcerated for the rest of his childhood in the Orphanage.  The removal was strategic and cruel.   Uncle and four other Aboriginal boys had been taken to a government Christmas event at New Norfolk and on their return, were split from their parents. The adults were taken to Oyster Cove. All had been told they were returning to Oyster Cove. The Oyster Cove Settlement opened in October 1847 to incarcerate the survivors of the Wybalena Aboriginal Establishment on Flinders Island.  His mother my Great, Great, Great Grandmother Tanganutara didn’t want him to be sent to the Orphanage - she already knew about children dying there.  Released as a teenager, Uncle died aged 19.

“The Walk Out Step represents a niyakara pliri krakana kanaplila riyawina takariliya pungkatina,
(a dream of an Aboriginal boy running free to dance and play with family out in the bush)”

Cheryl Mundy

Let's Walk Out!

You walk out of the building onto a representation of kunanyi (Mt. Wellington).  kunanyi is witness to the atrocities on people and country at this place.  The cultural and recycled materials placed in the steel vessels represent her many moods and treasures. 

kunanyi pools.jpg
Spider Tree wider.jpg

"The Walk Out Step artwork has been a deep learning process between Cheryl, Marcus, Kickstart Arts and the wider Tasmanian community over 4 years."

Marcus Tatton - mentor, fabrication artist.

Marcus Tatton is a public space sculptor working around Australia and New Zealand

click here to read more about Marcus Tatton

resin pool detail wider.jpg

The Walkout Step Launch
and Repurposing Ceremony

​May 28 was a Big Day of Positive Change
as Kickstart Network presented two special events.


Celebrating a new public artwork that redefines Colonial space.

pakana artist

Cheryl Mundy




Marcus Tatton.


From orphanage to arts and wellbeing centre.


A ceremony commemorating Kickstart's success in repairing this once derelict colonial orphanage building and transforming it into a community place for creativity, connection, and wellbeing.

DancersAroundSandCircle_Photo by Karen Brown.jpg

More About Family

My Tasmanian Aboriginal Grandmother Pearl Smith, and Grandfather Frank Mundy lived at Nichols Rivulet raising 9 children including my Dad Bert Mundy who was born in 1919 in the Rivulet.

small pool CU.jpg

The Walkout Step Team

Core Crew


Cheryl Mundy - Project Artist

Marcus Tatton - Project Fabrication Artist

Colleen Mundy - Artwork Contributor

Loueen Triffitt - Artwork Contributor

Richard Bladel - Creative Producer

Jami Bladel - Artistic Director 

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