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Embrace With Dani

I have always had a deep knowing that my calling in life was to work with and support others. Movement and in particular yin yoga became the vehicle which to deliver that support and guidance. Whether it's a Pilates class, a yin yoga practice, a meditation event, sound healing, yoga nidra or breath work, I aim to provide a warm and welcoming safe space for people to connect with their bodies, mind and breath and bring those into a state of peace and calm. I truly believe that we are our own best teachers and we have the power to heal ourselves. We just need to re learn to listen to our inner wisdom and find the stillness and quiet to hear it. I us my own practice and personal experience to pass on optional offerings that people can choose to take on board or not. I really am grateful and privileged to be apart of peoples lives in such an intimate and deep way. If what I do helps at least one person than that is something truly special. 
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