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the creative living park 


Kickstart Arts is working with the Tasmanian Government to build creative capacity in communities.

Turning the story around:

  • Making Art

  • Growing Food

  • Eating Well

  • Living Sustainably

  • Connecting and Engaging Community; 

  • Creative Endeavour; 

  • Social Enterprise; 

  • Re-valuing traditional Skills & Knowledge for a more sustainable future.

Drawing of the Creative Living Park by Coral Tulloch

St Johns Creative Living Park

Is a supportive community cultural hub where people can gather together for a range of social, cultural, education, recreational; and health and wellbeing activities. It is a focal point for partnerships and projects between community, arts, science, health, education, heritage and diverse cultural groups, enabling a whole range of new opportunities for Tasmanians to get involved, active and connected.


A Creative Community.

Organisations are collecting within the Creative Living Park hub to conduct their enterprises and help people keep up with what’s new and what’s good.


Heritage Site.

The Creative Living Park is located in a collection of some of Australia’s oldest buildings. It is a site with immense cultural and historical significance to Tasmania.

This includes two orphanage buildings built by Governor Arthur in 1831, around the same time as the iconic Port Arthur Prison, Female Factory and Anglesea Barracks. We are dedicated to renovating and rejuvenating these important buildings, bringing new life and purpose to them.

Original Drawing of the Orphan School

CURRENT residents

The Creative Living Park is a vibrant hub for an array of creative social enterprises. 

Scroll down to check out our current crew.


If you resonate with our vision, and you're interested in becoming a part of the Creative Living Park, get in touch: Call 0448 012 211 or email

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