Creative Exchange

Kickstart Arts ask the community what they want to learn, and what they’d like to teach. 
What results are three seasonal programs each year featuring one-off workshops, short courses, masterclasses and an ongoing program.

Among these are workshops in visual arts, music, philosophy, history, cooking food, drink, dance, circus, car maintenance, photography – the list is very long.
Native foraged foods
Workshops in everything at the Kickstart Arts Centre.

One-Off Workshops

Short Courses


Ongoing Program



Got a skill?   Wanna share it?

Teach what you love and get paid! 

We're always seeking people with skills to share... if you're not sure that your idea will fly, get in touch to talk it through with us, because it's almost always a yes!


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The Kickstart Arts Centre has reopened according to government COVID-19 guidelines.

All advertised events and activities are subject to these guidelines and may be cancelled at any time.

Please Contact Us for more info or check our Facebook Page for current information.

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