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Traditional Storytelling Masterclass

with Tamas Oszvald

Friday 19th March

10AM to 5PM


A rare opportunity to learn traditional oral storytelling from a renowned international performer - for people aged 14 years and up.

Explore techniques for developing storytelling such as rhythm, tone, body language, characterisation & much more.


Over two 3-hour sessions, Tamas will include demonstrations, practical exercises, theory, one-to-one tutoring and Q & A.


Participants are requested to bring a “pre-loved” story to work with.  Please contact Tamas if you would like some guidance on choosing a story.

Got a question?  Email: or call: 0455 11 22 12



Tamas' roots are in Europe (Hungary) but eight years ago he roamed to Tasmania with his family, and they are still roaming.

Tamas performs stilt walking, storytelling and is also a trained in woodcarving. He is also an experienced teacher and community developer, who design, runs and researches community-based participatory practices.

Tamas is an international oral storyteller. His tellings are inter-generational events, or in other words: stories for all ages. Classical storytelling is an intimate situation for everybody. People gather and sit in a semicircle then the sound of the flute creates that mental space where the book-captured sleeping story is released and comes to life again, floating into our body, mind and heart.


Tamas uses stories from his own Hungarian tradition, but also from other cultures from all over the world in the most respectful and sensitive way.

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