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Since early October a group of 33 young people and staff members from New Town Primary School have been creating an installation of mechanical cause and effect generators and video art with a group of professional artists.
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You're invited to Opening Night! 

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Free entry. Snacks & refreshments provided.


When: Wednesday 16th December from 5:30 PM. 

Exhibition runs daily until 3pm on Saturday 19th.

Location: The Hidden Theatre, next door to St Johns Church, St Johns Ave, New Town. 

This is a COVID-Safe event. 

"ReGenerate is exploring how to renew our cultural connections to nature through creating mechanical kinetic sculptures and video art.  This show is so unusual – the art works all move, driven by an artist made bicycle through a hub connected by strings. The art works tell young people’s stories of cycles of decay & renewal in a really fascinating way that’s as much about physics as it is about art."  Creative Producer Richard Bladel

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ReGenerate is a mental health promotion project that offers young people a chance to respond creatively to contemporary challenges that are complex & interconnected, like bushfires, pandemics, climate breakdown and rising anxiety. 


Following 2019’s Remembering the Future - In this second year of our partnership with New Town Primary School - we are continuing to explore how we best find ways to equip ourselves for an uncertain future.


Artists have guided young people to explore the ways that creativity, collaboration, compassion, responsibility, inclusiveness and respect for diversity can be effective in regenerating natural systems, ourselves as individuals and social relations more generally.


It’s been an awesome pleasure to work with this project team: Adam Potito, Denise Tanner  & Melissa McCrum from New Town Primary School; science educator Allen Rooney; artists Bec Stevens, Marcus Tatton, Andy Vagg, Stephen McEntee and Joel Roberts; filmmakers Richard Bladel and Troy Melville 

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