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​May 28 was a Big Day of Positive Change
as Kickstart Network presented two special events.

Dancers Around Sand Circle- photo by Karen Brown

Celebrating a new public artwork that redefines Colonial space.

By pakana artist Cheryl Mundy and sculptor Marcus Tatton.

and an uplifting 


From orphanage to arts and wellbeing centre.

A ceremony commemorating Kickstart's success in repairing this once derelict colonial orphanage building and transforming it into a community place for creativity, connection, and wellbeing.

pakana kanapila dancer Nathan - photo by Karen Brown

A large community of friends, including Her Excellency the Honourable Barbara Baker AC Governor of Tasmania, Professor Chalmers, Minister Elise Archer and others attended this powerful and moving ceremony.

Her Excellency The Governor of Tasmania, Professor Chalmers, Minister Elise Archer and others enjoying the ceremony - Photo by Karen Brown

​​Music and entertainment were provided for the event by:


Dewayne Everettsmith & Boil Up (Unplugged)

The Pakana Kanaplila Dancers

To download a copy of the invitation to this wonderful event please click here.

Kickstart Arts Repurposing Ceremony

The Walkout Step

​pakana (Tasmanian Aboriginal) elder and first time public artist Cheryl Mundy and sculptor Marcus Tatton collaborated to create this art work from natural materials sourced from different parts of lutrawita country, steel and clear resin.


The installation is a response to the reality that pakana children were incarcerated and suffered terribly in both the boys and girls colonial orphanages during the nineteenth century.
The artwork is, to use Cheryl’s words, “a dream from my heart and spirit to free the children out into their lands, rich with natural signs to direct them home.”
Cheryl’s concept was to bring the natural elements that were robbed from the Aboriginal children kept in the orphanage. Shells, sand, stones, leaves, kelp, reeds, charcoal... “our kids had to walk on foreign land and had foreign things under their feet.”

Artists: Cheryl Mundy & Marcus Tatton

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