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Between 2001 and 2016 Kickstart Arts made art with 7,822 community members in 44 projects across Tasmania. Over the same period, audiences of 62,970 people attended 308 Kickstart Arts events. In independent surveys, an average of 96.2% of audience members rated the quality of the art as very good or excellent.

Our projects consistently lead to positive social, health and creative outcomes for partner organisations, participants and communities.

Through involvement in our activities, private sector, non government and government organisations have found new ways of engaging with communities, attained a higher level of visibility and in many cases, have incorporated fresh creative paradigms to achieving their core business.

Participants have reported new levels of self confidence, communication skills, positive well being and feelings of interpersonal and community connectedness.

Whether community was defined by geography, ability, cultural or ethnic background, age or levels of well being, specific communities have reported they have been able to express their stories and be better understood across society.

A 2014 survey of participating students in The Happiness Project at Cygnet Primary School indicated that 73.7% thought they now had more confidence in speaking or sharing their ideas as a result of the project.

When surveyed after a workshop, 85% of participants rated "I generally feel happier and more cheerful after doing this workshop,” with 36% rating their response at 10/10.

In an independent evaluation conducted on Portraits of Invisible People, a multi art form project with people with acquired brain injuries (ABI). It was found that:

Audience members surveyed at the project launch and screening stated that:

The project would bring the following benefits to the Tasmanian community:

  • Understanding of ABI: 100%

  • Knowledge: 88%

  • Compassion: 75%

  • Health and Wellbeing: 50%.

  • Other benefits mentioned were Education, Acceptance, Love and Care.

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